What's New:

The Office of Children's Services is pleased to announce the release of a new e-learning course in the Virginia Learning Center, CSA040: CSA Financial Procedures for Local Government. This course presents an overview of CSA funding and OCS financial procedures, along with helpful tools and resources which will assist staff involved with local reporting of CSA financial information. The course can be accessed through your COVLC account and by searching for "CSA040" here.

 What's New:

The Office of Children's Services is pleased to announce the release of a new e-learning course in the Virginia Learning Center, CSA035: Utilization Review of CPMT Members. This brief course provides a high-level overview of the Utilization Review (UR) requirements under the Children's Services Act and how UR can be utilized to lead to improved outcomes for children and families. The course can be accessed through your Virginia Learning Center account by searching for "CSA035."

 What's New:

The Summer 2019 CSA Newsletter is now available here.

 What's New:

The Office of Children's Services is pleased to announce the release of Module 6 in our e-learning series for CPMT members. The module, CSA036: The CSA Audit Process for CPMT Members, is now available in the Virginia Learning Center by searching for CSA036. The Virginia Learning Center is accessible under the Applications area on the CSA Home page.

 What's New:

The FY2019 CSA Service Gap Survey Report is now complete and available here.

 What's New:

The slide deck from the regional feedback sessions on the private day special education cost study can be found here.

 What's New:

OCS is pleased to release a set of tools to assist local CSA programs with reviewing data and developing long-range, community-wide plans to improve services and outcomes for children and families. These tools can be found here.

 What's New:

The FY2018 CSA Performance Measures Statewide Report and Locality Level Spreadsheet is now available in the Statistics and Publications > Reports and Publications area of the CSA website and can be found here.

 What is CSA

The Children's Services Act (CSA) is now the name for a law enacted in 1993 that establishes a single state pool of funds to support services for eligible youth and their families. State funds, combined with local community funds, are managed by local interagency teams who plan and oversee services to youth.

 Welcome to OCS

Welcome to the website for the Children’s Services Act (CSA) and the Office of Children's Services (OCS). This website is one part of our effort here at OCS to provide the highest quality information and support to the public, our state government partners, and local CSA programs in the spirit of “empowering communities to serve youth.” The site contains a wealth of materials and I am confident it is a valuable resource.

In the 2018 fiscal year, CSA served over 15,000 children and families in the 133 cities and counties in the Commonwealth. With a combined state and local budget of over $390 million, CSA is a major contributor to supporting the system of care in Virginia. We are proud partners with state agencies, local government, public and private service providers, and parents and families in improving lives and communities. Thank you for visiting the CSA website.

Scott Reiner, Executive Director

 Mission Statement

The mission of the CSA is to create a collaborative system of services and funding that is child-centered, family-focused and community-based when addressing the strengths and needs of troubled and at-risk youth and their families in the Commonwealth.

 CSA Administration

The State Executive Council (SEC) is the supervisory body responsible for the establishment of programmatic and fiscal policies that support the purposes of the CSA. The Office of Children's Services (OCS) is the administrative entity responsible for implementation of the decisions of the SEC.

 Vision Statement

OCS envisions CSA as a national model in providing effective and innovative systems of care statewide for at-risk youth and families. We strive for CSA to be highly regarded as a leader in: improving outcomes for children and their families; facilitating the highest quality technical assistance and training to strengthen the capacity of communities to implement CSA; maintaining high standards for sound fiscal accountability and responsible use of taxpayer funds; and partnering with families and all CSA stakeholders to implement best practices and technology to continually improve the performance of CSA. OCS strives to maintain an enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable staff empowered to work with CSA stakeholders to sustain the highest quality system of care for Virginia’s youth and their families.