What's New:

Additional SPED WRAP request process is now automated. Report Preparer will be able to initiate additional WRAP by Login to the Local Government Reporting system. WRAP process flow details is available here.

 What's New:

The 9th Annual Commonwealth of Virginia CSA Conference materials are now available! Find the conference program, recorded daily sessions and presentations here.

 What's New:

The Fall 2020 CSA Newsletter is here.

 What's New:

The CSA Supplement Allocation Request Process is updated. For more details please see Administrative Memo 20-12 here.

 What's New:

The Office of Children's Services is pleased to announce the release of its revamped Utilization Reports. Please note that the previously bookmarked links for Utilization Reports shall no longer work. To access revamped Utilization Reports please click here.

 What's New:

The CSA User Guide has been updated effective September 2020. It can be located here.

 What's New:

New guidance on Utilization Review is available here.

 What's New:

VDH link on CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19): http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/surveillance-and-investigation/novel-coronavirus/

 What's New:

The State Executive Council for Children’s Services has adopted its Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. The plan can be found here.

 Welcome to OCS

Welcome to the website for the Children’s Services Act (CSA) and the Office of Children's Services (OCS). This website is one part of our effort here at OCS to provide the highest quality information and support to the public, our state government partners, and local CSA programs in the spirit of “empowering communities to serve youth.” The site contains a wealth of materials and I am confident it is a valuable resource.

In the 2020 fiscal year, CSA served over 15,000 children and families in the 133 cities and counties in the Commonwealth. With a combined state and local budget of over $435 million, CSA is a major contributor to supporting the system of care in Virginia. We are proud partners with state agencies, local government, public and private service providers, and parents and families in improving lives and communities. Thank you for visiting the CSA website.

Scott Reiner, Executive Director

 What is CSA

The Children's Services Act (CSA) is a law enacted in 1993 that establishes a single state pool of funds to support services for eligible youth and their families. State funds, combined with local community funds, are managed by local interagency teams who plan and oversee services to youth.

 CSA Administration

The State Executive Council for Children's Services (SEC) is the supervisory body responsible for the establishment of programmatic and fiscal policies that support the purposes of the CSA. The Office of Children's Services (OCS) is the administrative entity responsible for implementation of the decisions of the SEC.


A collaborative, child-centered, family-focused, community-based system of care that effectively meets the needs of youth and their families in the Commonwealth.


Empowering Communities to Serve Youth

  • Support a system of care
  • Child centered and family focused
  • Provide a continuum of care
  • Integrate services across agencies
  • Foster collaboration
  • Fiscal accountability