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TitleFamily Engagement (Notice of Intent to Develop SEC Policy 3.3)

Intended Action: Revision of existing Policy 3.3, adopted March 25, 2010

Background and Summary: Family engagement is cornerstone of the system of care philosophy at the heart to the Children’s Services Act. Successful family engagement is well-established as a critical component of effective outcomes for service delivery systems.
The State Executive Council for Children’s Services adopted its initial family engagement policy over ten years ago. The policy has not been reviewed or revised since that time. The existing policy needs to be updated to reflect current best practices and conceptualizations regarding this important issue.
This proposed policy was developed by the SEC Policy Review Workgroup established to support the Strategic Plan of the State Executive Council for Children’services.

Intent of Proposed Revisions: The proposed revisions will:

  • Update the policy to reflect the format and organization of current SEC policies
  • Update the policy to reflect current understanding of the definitions and meaning of “family”
  • Provide definitive Values Statement reflecting the beliefs in the CSA in family-centered
  • Eliminate obsolete sections and requirements and replace them with current best practice with regard to engaging families in the CSA-process
  • Specify reasonable expectations for local CSA programs with regard to family engagement while retaining local flexibility and autonomy in the implementation of those expectations
  • Specify expectations for the Office of Children’s Services in providing resources to support local CSA programs in the successful implementation of the revised policy
  • Date of SEC Action: June 10, 2021

    Stage: Notice

    Public Comment Period: June 14 – July 16, 2021 (30 days)

    Date/Stage of Next SEC Action: September 9, 2021 – Proposed Stage for aminimum of 60 days of public comment.

    Public Comment will be accepted through the Public Policy Comments Form ( on the CSA website:, or via e-mail to, or via regular mail or courier to OCS, 1604 Santa Rosa Rd., Suite 137, Richmond, VA 23229.

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