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TitleMandatory Uniform Assessment Instrument (SEC Policy 3.6, Revised)

Title of Proposed Policy: Mandatory Uniform Assessment Instrument (SEC Policy 3.6, Revised)

Summary: The proposed policy will address requirements for local CSA programs with regard to the Child and Adolescent Strengths and Needs (CANS), the required mandatory uniform assessment instrument. The proposed policy includes specifications, reiterates the CANS as the required CSA instrument for frequency of administration, use of the CANVaS 2.0 on-line data system, and required training and certification. The full proposed policy can be found at this link: Policy 3.6 CANS Proposed Stage

Begin Date: September 24, 2018
End Date: November 26, 2018, 5:00 PM


Name: Janet BessmerAffilation:Fairfax-Falls Church CSA programDate Posted:11/1/2018

The Fairfax-Falls Church CPMT supports the proposed policy.  The policy provides helpful clarifications regarding time periods for completing closing and annual CANS.  The conditions under which CANS is not required are also provided.  It also continues to allow localities to determine frequency of re-assesments by service type, allowing locality flexibility.  We consider the proposed policy to add important clarification that will assist with locality compliance.

Name: Kelly KoebelAffilation:Piedmont Community Services BoardDate Posted:10/29/2018

The CANS seems to be way too subjective as an assessment tool and a duplication of many tools that we are already using within our agencies.  I know DJJ is happy with the YASI and the CSBS are all changing to the DLA-20 screening.



Name: Rosabelle HolmesAffilation:Date Posted:9/24/2018

I do not recommend the CANS as an assessment tool.  In my opinion, it is too subjective and does not give a clear picture of what is going on with the child.